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Wall Signs

Wall Signs are a great way to display your business on your building. Wall Sign Cabinets are often large and are illuminated with Flourescent Lamps compared to Channel Letters that are illuminated with neon.

At Tri City Sign we can help design and fabricate a Wall SIgn that will catch your cutomers attention, whether you have an existing logo or if you need a new look.


Wall Sign Spotlight : Downtown Center

The Downtown Center sign is another example of a wall sign, a "Projection Sign". This sign is double sided compared to normal Wall Signs which are single sided. The Downtown Center sign also does not have a "Flex Face" like most Wall Signs, but has a routed aluminum face with push-through plexiglass letters. At night the only thing that illuminates is "The Downtown Center". The decorative cap on the top and bottom help make this sign a classy edition to downtown Grand Island.

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